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A unique social campaign founded by Mesut Özil

"...I am making a pledge to do more. From now on I’ll be opening up all my social media channels with access to my 80 million followers. People who have either suffered from discrimination, or are doing something extraordinary to combat mental health issues or better the environment we live in. These people will be given my platform to tell their story..."

Mesut Özil

 Sharing her story to more than 80 million of Mesut’s social media followers took courage and bravery, which has allowed for more people to feel empowered and speak about the mental battles they are fighting. Rabiah’s impact in this matter has reached far beyond the confines of her Canadian community. With Mesut’s global audience, she represented the fighting spirit of the people of Canada across the entirety of the world. With Rabiah determined to make a positive change, her impact is already being felt, with others following suit and taking inspiration from her story.

Kids Against Plastic

After studying the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and finding out through these the devastating impact that disposable plastics are having on our environment, Kids Against Plastic was started. Kids Against Plastic uses a 'Plastic Clever' initiative, a positive reward scheme that’s been adopted by cafes, businesses and over 375 schools around the UK. Plus, as a family, they have removed nearly 70,000 pieces of plastic from the environment, as part of the 100,000 Goal.

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